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Turning dreams into goals
Financial Plan Of Action

We all have dreams and aspirations of things we’d like to achieve.

We dream of better futures and have hope or ambition of achieving those dreams.   

Most of us have big dreams that seem impossible but with the right plan, you can turn a dream into reality. Below is a tool designed to help define dreams into goals then develop a pathway of stepping stones that leads to achievement. 

Goals give us focus and a sense of purpose. No matter how big or small our goal is we can feel motivated by achieving each little step in our plan. The FPOA taps into our raw emotions to reveal our motivators, realities and our barriers. 

Breif summary...

Taking our dreams and writing them down starts the process of transforming the dream into a goal. Using the FPOA you will be prompted to think about your dream/goal/plan deeply by asking questions that draw on your strengths. 

  • Goal. Define your goal and be clear about why it is important to you. How will you feel when you reach your goal and how important is it to you? This is where you find the motivation that will drive you.

  • Reality. This is where we wipe the stream from the mirror and have a good look at ourselves. What's happening now and how could it be better. Here is where making a good honest budget will help clarify your financial reality - this can be confronting but we need to know where we are so we can know which pathway to take. 

  • Options. Explore options by reflecting on how things could be improved, what's been tried before and how did that work out? Drawing on past achievements and reflecting on mistakes helps us be sure-footed on our new pathway. 

  • Way forward. What action will move us closer to our goal, what happens if things get difficult, and what support will we need? Its life! There will be obstacles along the way! If we take the time to plan how we are going to get around the things that trip us up we will be able to pick ourselves up and carry on. Having a contingency (or a backup) plan gives us the confidence to keep going and prevents us from being overwhelmed. 

"This is for you, your family and whānau to use. Your financial mentor will help by supporting and guiding you as you fill it in."

Ahakoa iti, he pounamu

Treasure even the smallest of acheivements

The Financial Plan of Action was provided by the Ministry of Social Development to help build financial capability in Aotearoa

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