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Budgeting Tools

One does not become wise by knowing all the answers but by asking the right questions - Anon

Download the simple spreadsheets and get started to find out the

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How 

of your finances. 

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How are basic questions in information-gathering. Answers to these questions help you discover your whole story.

Budget Sheets

A budget sheet will give you a clear view of the big picture.  These are the tools that take into account all income & expenses. 

Together the Budget Sheet and the Debt Schedule are the fundamental tools of budgeting.

These two sheets, when completed, will show your current financial position.

  • Who do I have to pay?

  • What are my priorities?

  • When is it due?

Spending Plans

A Spending plan (or cash flow) is a practical tool that makes your budget come to life.

This planner allows you to plan from payday to payday so that you can be confident of what you can (& can't) afford. A Spending Plan allows you to forecast your future spending and monitor it in real-time. 

And, when additional expenses pop up, you are able to test out adjustments on the planner to protect essentials and priorities. 

  • Who do I have to pay?

  • What are my priorities?

  • When are my bills due?

  • Where can I make savings?

  • Why do I need this?

  • How will I make it work?

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For your convenience, our budget sheets are loaded into an excel workbook, with 3 pages;

  1. Debt Schedule 

  2. Budget Worksheet

  3. Spending Planner you really only need to download one

But if you prefer to download each sheet to use as separate pages, please feel free to do so - whatever works for you!

Let us know how you get on! We'd love to hear your feedback.

..and if you'd like some help email

or phone 06 867 7173

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