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Discovering our true financial position

is an important step to money wellbeing - Moni Ora Mentor

Our Services  

Moni Ora offers a range of free services to support the communities of Tairāwhiti, Aotearoa.  

  • Budgeting - face to face, over the phone, or through online channels like zoom or skype.

  • Courses for groups to learn about money and finances.

  • Intensive holistic support beyond the budget.

All Moni Ora services are free, professional, confidential, and emphasise people’s

self-determination and strengths. 

People are resourceful & resilient


Confidential sessions, face to face

Moni Ora understands how difficult it can be to manage your money. Our friendly team of budgeters is ready to support you to take control of your money and finances.  A budgeter will work with you to address the challenges of balancing income and expenses and to find workable solutions.

Make a plan to:

  • Pay your bills

  • Buy the things you need

  • Save for the things you want

  • Pay off debt

A budget provides the base to work from. A budgeter will teach you how to track your spending, monitor your money and make adjustments to your plan when you need to.

The key to drive your budget is in your dreams and goals… And that’s where a budgeter becomes a 'Financial Mentor'. A financial mentor can help you create a personalised 

Financial Action Plan that sets out your priorities and goals – In other words… You tell us what it is you want to achieve and we'll help you make a plan to achieve it. 

MoneyMates Courses

Bespoke Group Courses

A facilitator encourages conversations that draw on the knowledge of the group to build financial knowledge, confidence, and resilience.

A series of topics can be run over a few sessions to cover the what the group wants to learn.


Topics may include: 

  • Your Money Personality 

  • Needs. Wants. Dreams. Goals

  • Keeping track of money

  • Debt management 

  • Borrowing sensibly

  • Savings; How to save, Compound interest, KiwiSaver 

  • Getting a fair share; Taxes, Entitlements, Where to get help 

  • Paying it forward

Rock Band

Intensive support for complex needs
Money worries are often entwined with all of the challenges we face in our daily lives. When we have multiple crises it can put us into a financial spin leaving us feeling overwhelmed and like we have no control.

A Kahukura provides holistic support to address those wider issues that are causing concern. Whether it's supporting at WINZ, or the bank, or connecting with other social services to help with non-financial concerns. People are supported to create a well-being plan and set goals to achieve long-term, sustainable change. 

Kahukura and Financial Mentors work as a tag team with the Mentor concentrating on the finances and the Kahukura taking care of all the surrounding issues. 

It is an intensive support service aimed at helping people with multiple and complex needs. 


Monday to Friday 

from 9:30am to 4:00pm

To book a session phone 06-8677173

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