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'Do I need a budget?'

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers - James Thurber

In a nutshell, a budget is a tool to manage money – that’s it!

If you answer 'Yes' to one or more of the following questions, a budget planner could help you plan better for the things you need ...and the things you want.

Have you ever been stressed or worried about money?

Do you ever find you can't do the things you want to because of a lack of money?

Do you find yourself trying to stretch out your income to the end of the week?

Have you ever had to put off paying a bill until more money comes in?

Have there been arguments in your household over money and bills?

Do you have any debts that you find hard to keep up the repayments on?

Have you had a sudden change in your financial situation?

(which might include having a new baby, or unexpected expense, or a job loss?)

Have you ever put off going to the doctor because of the cost?

Do you find yourself getting into money troubles?

Do you wish you had more money for things like holidays, new clothes, etc?

Worrying about money can do more than keep us awake at night. Money worries can leave us feeling overwhelmed which can lead us to make bad decisions in an effort to ‘fix’ the worry.


Worrying and stress can affect our physical and mental health and it negatively impacts our relationships if left unchecked. When we are worried about money it affects every part of our lives.


Budgeting gives us a tool to step back from stress so we can think clearly about the solutions that will work for us. 

Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere - Quote

Whether you’re trying to cope with unexpected expenses, juggling bills, or drowning in debt drafting a budget can help reduce stress by setting out a clear money plan that is simple, verifiable, and flexible.

A money plan clearly shows how to divvy up income and presents you with choices based on your own finances.  It will (when followed) save you the grief of overspending followed by rash decisions in an attempt to cover the shortfall.


When your budget plan is working well it will help you stay focussed on what's important to you and the noise of marketing won't be so distracting. 

Many of our clients at Moni Ora have told us how the simple act of writing the numbers down on the budgeting sheet made them feel so much better. It gets 'the worry' out of their head, clears the mind, and reduces stress. 


Get started now with a budget worksheet that provides an overview of your finances...

Give it a go! Download our budgeting worksheets and get started in the privacy of your own home today.


What people say

 "Seeing it all written down in black & white got it out of my head and made it clear. It is a weight off my mind."


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