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The Direct Career Service

Are you looking for new work?

Applying for jobs but not even getting a response?

Direct Career Services is a Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) initiative to help people gain confidence and skills to find work.

This FREE service is open to anyone looking for new work, you do not have to be unemployed. The Direct Career Service is designed to build confidence in job seekers by providing the tools and resources to take steps towards employment or education.

Talk to a local career expert over the phone to develop a personalised step-by-step plan to get into a job or training.

CV & Cover Letter writing
Help with career direction
Step-by-step personalised plan development
Get into free training courses
Start an apprenticeship
Job application support
And this list goes on…

How the Direct Career Service can help New Zealanders

· Career experts support job seekers and help them develop a plan that outlines the next steps they can confidently take to get a job or get into training.

· This service is for all New Zealanders, especially workers displaced by COVID-19, to get back into work or training.

Get your confidence up, get a plan, get back into work or training.
Call 0800 601 301 to book a session with a career expert.

FREE ebook!

The JOB HUNTER'S TOOLKIT is a free ebook packed with information, resources, and guides to help you land your next job

OR grab one from Gisborne Budget Moni Ora or at local Work and Income offices.

JOB HUNTER'S WORKBOOKS are available in Māori, English, Pacific Languages of Cook Islands Maori, Fijian, Kiribati, Niuean, Rotuma, Samoan, Tokelauan, Tongan & Tuvaluan.

Find more information and resources at

Find out about free vocational training and apprenticeships at

The Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) pays fees and compulsory costs for a range of vocational qualifications until the end of 2022. The fund covers all TEC-approved apprenticeships as well as diplomas, certificates, and programs in targeted areas.


Questions and Answers

What is the Direct Career Service?

This service is to support New Zealanders displaced by COVID-19 to get back into work or training. It includes national over-the-phone personalised career guidance communities across New Zealand.

Who is this service for?

This service is for all New Zealanders, especially those whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19.

Is this service free to clients?

This service is free to all New Zealanders.

How long is this service running?

This service has been extended due to its popularity and success!

At this time, we are not sure exactly how long it will continue.

Call 0800 601 301 or inquire at the local WINZ office.

If you want a local support phone the 0800 601 301 number and ask for a career practitioner in the Gisborne Tairāwhiti Region, or inquire at WINZ.

"Sometimes we are available for after-hours appointments (up to 7.30 pm) ...if required...but no promises"



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